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Heating Air Filters

The air filters for a heating system keep the airflow passing through clean of any harmful airborne particles. When air from outside pumps into the system, it goes through the heating air filters before distribution. Air filters consist of tight mesh weaving designed to trap and absorb passing irritants and contagions.

If a heating system is unfiltered, then there will be no protective layer in the system to help prevent airborne issues. Heating air filters provide protection against floating problems that may come inside. The airborne irritants in a system could lead to serious health problems or allergy triggers.

Air Systems Protected by Heating Air Filters

The air in your home is not pumped in clean and fresh; it needs to go through filtering first. The cleansing process is an important step in keeping the indoor air quality of your home up and airborne irritants out. If an air system is not filtered, then any number of allergens and pollutants can find their way inside a home. If the heating air filters already in place are not maintained, then that causes different problems as well.

The air filters in your heating system are constantly working, trapping and absorbing all the particles they are able to. Your air filters will accumulate dirt and debris over time, eventually become so covered that it becomes a problem. Dirty air filters are a blockage in a heating air system, disrupting airflow and causing buildups. A heating air system responds to an air filter build up by increasing the energy used, adding to your problems.

Dirty air filter build up prevents new, fresh air from circulating through the heating system. The air in your home will become dry and stagnant with no circulation leading to discomfort and even breathing issues. The heating system will try to compensate for the blockage by increasing the amount of energy it uses to push itself harder. When the air system is working at its maximum limits, this increases the strain on it and can lead to mechanical failure. The spike in energy usage will also lead to an increase in billing which continues to rise until the system is clean.

New Heating Air Filters

You need to replace your air filters at periodic intervals in order to prevent any complications from developing in your home or with its residents. You can check to see when a duct system needs cleaning, but by then the problems may have already started. You can gauge the rate of which your heater air filters dirty by accounting for environment and filter efficiency.

Air filters will become dirty faster in areas that have a high amount of pollutants and allergens. Certain seasons may increase the amount of problems. Your home air filters trap any and all particles they can, the efficiency of which depends on their MERV rating.

The MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, rating of an air filter determines its effectiveness. Higher rated air filters are capable of trapping and absorbing smaller particles, even so far as to stopping smoke and pet dander. However, an air filter cannot rank too highly or the mesh weaving will so tight that is begins to affect airflow and billing. A residence works best with moderately MERV rated filters, which balance protective qualities with long term affordability. We offer quality air filters with reasonable MERV ratings at affordable prices for the average home.

Order Heating Air Filters Matching Your Needs Today

When you order from Filter King, then you have a variety of options to help make sure that your order meets your needs. You are able to alter the quantity and quality of your filter order, some homes require more than one replacement filter at a time. You will be able to purchase our basic model filter, which rates as an 8 on the MERV scale. The Filter King premium air filter is rated as an 11 on the MERV scale. The premium model is our recommended filter and can block out particles as smoke, viruses, pet dander, bacteria, and mold.

You can subscribe today and have Filter King deliver fresh, new filters straight to your door. You can modify your orders the filters come as often as you need. A new air filter is available and ready for delivery straight to your doorstep as often as monthly. Contact us today and order new filters to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.