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Heating and Air Filters

The average home depends on air filters to keep the incoming air fresh, clean and free of airborne issues. As air is pumped inside, it passes through the air filters, and any accompanying particles become trapped or absorbed in the mesh weaving. The heating and air filters provide a protective layer that blocks any particles it can, but will eventually need replacement. An unfiltered air system lacks protection for your system against airborne irritants and allergens.

Filter Protection for an Air System

Air filters allow the airflow traveling through to pass, but trap and absorb passing particles to raise indoor air quality. Home ventilation or heating systems without the protection of a filter is unable to stop any number of pollutants or allergens. Unfiltered air is uncomfortable, and possibly even dangerous. Residents who have breathing problems or allergies are at risk of having their conditions triggered while breathing in low quality air.

The air filters in your home keep air quality from dipping, but in doing so, they become dirty themselves. Heating and air filters will inevitably become covered in dirt and debris over time to a point where their mesh weaving gets clogged. An air filter becomes so covered in captured particles that it can’t hold anymore. A dirty filter also creates a clog in your air system, an obstacle that causes disruptive complications throughout your home.

Air systems cannot push airflow through dirty filters, which leads to your home smelling dry and stagnant. Your home that lacks fresh air is also harmful, causing a possible development of breathing problems for residents. The air system will also need to use more electricity in an attempt to bypass the blockage, causing a rise in energy billing. You will be able to avoid air filter issues by regularly maintaining the system.

Air Filter Maintenance

Heating and air filters need consistent maintenance to prevent particle buildup from occurring. You should check the air filters before any complications start occurring within your home. The filter location is in the owner's manual, from there you will be able to see if it needs replacing. You will also be able to make an educated guess on how long your filter is able to last based on the environment around your home and its level of efficiency.

The air coming in and out of your home plays a large role in dictating how long an air filter is going to last. Environmental variables include dry areas full of sand or dust, humid areas with mold, homes for smokes, homes with pets, and even homes with fans. Some areas dirty filters faster than others, with the filter's efficiency deciding how many particles it is able to contain.

MERV Ratings for Air Filters

Air Filters rank on the MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, system dictating their efficiency. Higher MERV rated filters can absorb smaller particles and keep the passing airflow even cleaner. Your average heating and air system for your home works best when using a moderately-rated filter. If a filter’s MERV rating is too high, then there will be issues with airflow that tax a system and raise energy bills.

Breathe Easier with Heating and Air Filter Delivery

We offer a delivery service that provides a wide range of options to provide the heating and air filters you need. You may alter the size of your filters to match your system requirements, along with the quantity of filters you need for replacement. Our variety of filter options is able to match your financial needs and filter requirements.

We offer filters for purchase, and a subscription service to have them delivered straight to your home. You can stop worrying about looking for new replacement heating and air filters and instead have them delivered right on time. You can have new filters arrive at your doorstep as frequently as by the month, so do not hesitate and order today!