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HVAC Air Filters

The heating, venting and cooling system in a home pumps in air from the outside, regulates its temperature, and distributes it throughout a home. The air coming through the system does not enter clean, filtration comes first before distribution. Air filters for HVAC systems trap and absorb passing particles in their mesh weaving.

The filtration process removes harmful particles from the airflow and helps keep it from bringing in outside issues inside. HVAC air filters are important parts of the air system and require consistent maintenance to work maximum efficiency.

Needing New Air Filters for HVAC Systems

The air filters in an HVAC system keep intruding air particles out and raise your home’s indoor air quality. The mesh weaving that creates a filter is able to trap and absorb particles, the size of which depends on the tightness of the weave. The air filters trap any and all particles that they can, making them invaluable in areas with high levels of pollution or allergens. If you leave your system unfiltered, then the effects weigh heavily on a home’s atmosphere and may even be dangerous.

The air in a home needs filtering before entering or residents may breathe in any number of airborne problems. Any inhabitants with allergies or breathing complications may find their problems triggered if the air quality is low enough. Air filters are able to block out airborne issues over time, but the particles they trap and absorb begin to build up. Eventually, you will need new filters or else a different series of problems begin to occur.

Dirtied HVAC Air Filters

As your air filters continue to trap and absorb air particles they begin to lose effectiveness over time. The trapped particles build and the air filter will eventually be unable to absorb any more. A full air filter also means that passing airflow will have a more difficult time passing through as well. Your HVAC system needs airflow in order to work properly, and any disruptions create a series of effects throughout a home.

When the airflow in your HVAC system changes then the resulting loss of incoming fresh air affects a home environment. The air in a home can become dry, stagnant, and fluctuate in temperature without fresh airflow. Residents who breathe in low quality air may develop breathing problems do to its damaging effects. Dirty air filters do not only cause health issues, they also create a rise in energy billing.

When airflow in an HVAC system is unable to move forward, the machinery compensates by increasing energy usage. The spike in electricity raises system strength but causes increased straining. If the machinery does not break down, then the extra costs are going to come from the rise in energy billing. The complications continue to grow worse until you replace or clean your current air filters.

Disposable and Reusable HVAC Air Filters

You can have the air filters in your HVAC system either be disposable, and requiring consistent replacement, or reusable. Reusable HVAC air filters cleaning only needs a few steps, but they need to consistent maintenance. You can forgo the cleaning process by using disposable filters and having a new one installed monthly. The right filter for you depends on your budgetary requirements and willingness to regularly clean your air system. The rate at which you need to clean your filter on both the environment and its MERV ratings.

Air Filter Environment and MERV Ratings

The air filters in an HVAC system rank on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) system. The system measures how tight a filter’s mesh weaving is, with higher ratings meaning smaller particles are unable to pass. The higher rated a filter is the more particles they can trap and absorb, which means the faster they need replacement or cleaning. When you need replacement filters, then Filter King is able to provide quality models at affordable prices.

Benefit from Filter King Model Filters and Delivery Services

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